Covid, from April 1st, the Green pass will be open. Towards a summer without restrictions

Milan – There are just over twenty days to go until the end of the state of crisis linked to the Covid pandemic. The last extension will expire on March 31 and the Government is working to imagine a spring and a summer if not post Covid, at least light Covid. In short, we are trying to understand how and when to ease the restrictive measures. In particular, what seems most urgent is to manage the Green pass tool, from the basic to the reinforced one. When will they no longer be needed? “In the next few days the Government will issue a decree where a real time schedule will be established, certainly starting from April 1st a phase of easing of restrictive measures will begin. Right from the start there will be situations where the green pass will not be necessary. For example spaces outdoors, in bars and restaurants, from April it will no longer be necessary to request the green pass. And then we will arrive at a summer without restrictions “. This was stated by Andrea Costa, Undersecretary of Health, guest of ‘Radio Anch’io’ on Rai Radio 1 ‘. So let’s see the next steps. The end of the state of emergency From 1 April From 15 June The doubts of the experts Visits to the hospitalized from 10 March The end of the state of emergency On 31 March the state of emergency ends, that is the measure that allows the Government and Civil Protection to act with extraordinary or special powers. Basically it allows the executive to implement faster procedures for the approval of laws and decrees and allows to resort to the Dpcm that do not have to be approved by Parliament. During the health emergency, for example, measures such as the lockdown, the division by colors of the Italian regions, the obligation of outdoor masks and social distancing were introduced. Once out of the state of emergence, we formally return to the pre Covid era. The Government will no longer have the powers …

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