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Other victims among the Covid-positive Rimini residents and they are all women. The deaths reported yesterday occurred in the last few days, among the dead women there is also a centenary of San Giovanni in Marignano. The other two victims are two women aged 82 and 91, both residing in Rimini. In recent days, the number of newly infected has remained more or less constant. But yesterday 188 new cases were reported, an increase compared to previous days: there were 155 on Tuesday and 144 on Monday. Returning to the new infected communicated yesterday, these are 79 men and 109 women. In the last few hours, 115 others from Rimini have recovered from the virus. The daily data confirm that the situation has significantly improved. And even the weekly bulletin testifies to the ‘retreat’ of the virus. Hospitalizations have dropped considerably, even if there has not been (compared to the previous week) a drop in the new positives. From 28 February to 6 March there were 1,167 cases in the Rimini area, compared to 1,233 in the previous week and 2,044 in the one between 14 and 20 February. The decline is generalized: cases are also decreasing in Ravenna, Forlì and Cesena. On the other hand, hospitalizations have dropped sharply: in Rimini there are fewer than forty Covid patients in all (some are hospitalized in the ‘Galli’ retirement home in Cattolica), of which 8 in intensive care. In Romagna, from one week to the next, hospitalizations fell by 20%. Deaths are also decreasing: last week in the province there were 3, 5 fewer than the previous one. The situation is almost back to normal even in schools. Only 8 classes in the Rimini area ended up in quarantine, about 250 cases of positivity among minors, of which 73 in the 6 to 10 year range and 63 in that …

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