Covid, Iss: “Rt index and incidence date back. Cases detected due to the appearance of symptoms are increasing”

The trend of SARS-CoV-2 in Italy. After weeks of decline, thetransmissibility index Rt and the incidence of cases, notes the monitoring Iss-ministry of health. Compared to 0.75 in the week 25 February-3 March, between 4 and 10 March the Rt index rose to 0.83. L’incidence instead settles down to 510 per 100 thousand inhabitants compared to 433 in the previous seven days. Cases detected with contact trackingdown diagnosis with screening.

The percentage of cases detected through contact tracing – reports the report – is the 17% compared to 16% last week. The percentage of cases detected through the onset of symptoms (37% compared to 35%), while that of cases diagnosed through decreases screening activities, which rose to 46 compared to 49 percent. The current situation characterized by high incidence – underlines the monitoring – does not allow a timely one contact mapping of cases, as evidenced by the low percentage of cases detected through the tracking activity.

On a regional basis, the situation of theUmbria where the incidence of Covid cases is almost double the national average: a value of 993.4 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. The other Regions with the highest incidences are the Calabria with 780.7 and le Marche with a value of 752 per 100 thousand inhabitants. Follows the Autonomous Province of Bolzano with 723. The monitoring therefore confirms what was already detectable by the last ones bulletins daily, with an increase in diagnoses that for six days have now been systematically greater than the same days in the previous week.

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