Covid Italia, the bulletin of 5 October: update on positive cases, the hospitalized and the healed

In the last day there were 42,225 new cases of Covid and 43 deaths. Yesterday there were 58,885 new cases and 60 deaths. Three weeks after the recurrence of the infections, the employment of hospitals also increased sharply: 16 more places in the intensive (171 in total) and 259 in the ordinary wards (5,073 in total).

With 224,969 swabs, the positivity rate remains stable at 20%. The number of Italians currently positive is also increasing: 17,929 more (509,740 in total). The new infections were in Lombardy, 6,509 in Veneto and 4,899 in Piedmont.

Agenas, the occupation of the departments rises to 8%

The percentage of beds occupied by Covid patients in hospital wards rises by one point, reaching 8% (a year ago it was 5%). And, in the last 24 hours, it has grown in 8 regions: Calabria (14%), Friuli Venezia Giulia (14%), Liguria (9%), Lombardy (7%), Piedmont (7%), Puglia (5%), Tuscany (6%) and Umbria (20%).
After the increase reported yesterday, however, the percentage of intensive care units employed is stable at 2% (a year ago it was 5%). These are the data updated to 4 October and processed by the National Agency for Regional Health Services (Agenas).

Compared to the previous day, the percentage of seats occupied for Covid-19 in the wards of hospital wards in the medical (or non-critical) area, an important parameter for assessing the impact of the pandemic on health facilities, drops in Molise (5%). It is stable in the remaining 12 regions and autonomous provinces: Abruzzo (at 11%), Basilicata (7%), Campania (7%), Emilia Romagna (8%), Lazio (7%), Marche (8%), Pa Bolzano (23%), Pa Trento (13%), Sardinia (4%), Sicily (6%), Valle d’Aosta (15%) and Veneto (7%). Two regions exceed the alert threshold of 15%: Umbria (20%) and Pa Bolzano (23%).

As for the percentage of intensive care units occupied by patients with Covid-19, compared to the previous day’s survey, the value grows in 4 regions: Friuli Venezia Giulia (3%), Puglia (2%), Tuscany (2%), Umbria ( 3%). Cala in Emilia Romagna (2%) and Pa Trento (4%). It is stable in 10 regions: Abruzzo (1%), Calabria (3%), Campania (1%), Lazio (3%), Liguria (3%), Lombardy (1%), Pa Bolzano (2%) ), Piedmont (1%), Sicily (2%) and Veneto (2%). In 5 regions the variation is not available: Basilicata (0%), Marche (0%), Molise (0%), Sardinia (0%) and Valle d’Aosta (0%). All regions are below 10%.

Geriatricians: “With double wave flu, crucial vaccines”

Covid infections are on the rise and at the same time the first cases of flu occur, with a virus probably very aggressive. The protection offered by vaccines becomes fundamental, especially for the elderly population, more exposed to the more serious effects of infections. This is one of the main messages of the 36 National Congress of the Italian Society of Hospital and Territory Geriatrics – SIGOT.

Fiaso, 25% of patients in resuscitation are no-vax

The identikit of the new patients arrived at the hospital with Sars-Cov-2 infection reveals that they are mostly elderly – the average age is 74 years among the vaccinated and 70 years among the unvaccinated – and of subjects who have not received any vaccination dose (15% of hospitalized patients) or have not taken the fourth dose recommended for the over 60s (83% have received the vaccination for over 6 months and have therefore not yet joined the vaccination campaign for the booster). As for patients in resuscitation, the percentage of no vax rises to 25%. This is what emerges from the survey of 4 October in the sentinel hospitals belonging to the Fiaso network.

Fiaso: hospitalizations increase, + 39% in a week

The Covid-19 hospitalization curve rises and Covid beds in hospitals return to occupy themselves. In one week the number of hospitalized patients, both in ordinary wards and in intensive care units, in fact increased by 39.7%. They are mainly elderly people who are not vaccinated or without 4 / a dose. It emerges from the survey of 4 October in the sentinel hospitals of Fiaso (Federation of hospitals and healthcare companies). It is a “sudden turnaround”, says Fiaso: just a week ago, the number of hospitalized patients had increased by 5% and all were borne by patients with Covid, in hospital for other diseases and found positive for the swab.

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