Covid Italy, bulletin of 5 August: update on the positives, the hospitalized and the healed

There are 38,219 new infections from Covid recorded in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 42,976 infected. The victims are 175, up from 161 yesterday. The rate is 17%, stable from 17.7% yesterday. A total of 223,852 swabs were performed, including antigenic and molecular. On the other hand, there are 351 patients admitted to intensive care, 11 fewer than yesterday, while daily admissions are 24. On the other hand, 9,397 patients are admitted to ordinary wards, ie 337 fewer than yesterday.

ISS, ordinary hospitalizations drop to 15.2% and intensive care to 3.6%

The situation in the Covid departments of hospitals continues to improve. “The employment rate in intensive care is down to 3.6% (daily survey by the Ministry of Health as of August 4) against 4.1% (survey as of July 28). The employment rate in medical areas nationwide drops to 15.2% (4 August survey) versus 17.0% (28 July survey) “.
This is highlighted by the weekly report with the main data of the monitoring of the control room of the Higher Institute of Health (Iss) – Ministry of Health.

Sileri: “It’s not over, in the autumn the virus will raise its head, ready with the vaccines”

The Covid emergency “is not over”, the virus “is there and will raise its head in the autumn, we must be ready with the vaccinations”. The undersecretary for health specified this Pierpaolo Sileri. “Also this week the incidence rate of Covid 19 cases in our country continues to drop. And the incidence is around 533 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. The RT also shows a downward trend, we are finally below 1 to be precise, 0.90. The occupancy rate of the posts in the medical and intensive care areas is respectively 15.2% and 3.6%. So well below the critical threshold, especially as regards therapies intensive. Also in this case there is a tendency towards decongestion “. She said it Gianni RezzaDirector General of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, in the video released to comment on the data of the weekly report on the epidemiological situation.

Rt below the epidemic threshold, last time in mid-June

The Covid Rt contagiousness index, which has now fallen below the epidemic threshold at 0.90, was closer to that value on 17 June when it was recorded at 0.83. The following week, according to the data of the weekly monitoring on Covid in Italy, the threshold had been exceeded with a jump to 1.16.

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