Covid, lockdown in a Chinese city with 9 million inhabitants. Alert in Germany: “250 deaths a day, we can’t be happy”

In China i return lockdown because of pandemic from Covid. It happens to Changchuncapital with 9 million inhabitants of the Chinese province of Jilin. Containment efforts on the new wave of cases have risen to a nationwide high for the past two years. According to Chinese media reports, local authorities, announcing the start of mass tests, have ordered residents to working from home and to allow one person from each household to go out every two days to purchase basic goods. The turning point came as China grapples with never-before-seen case numbers since the start of the pandemic, with 1,100 new internal infections reported today, four-digit for the first time since the Wuhan peak. In the People’s Republic, as early as 2020, this lockdown system – short but blanket – is applied even with the occurrence of a few hundred cases.

Coronavirus alert remains high even in Germany. In particular, the declaration of the Minister of Health is recorded Karl Lauterbach who underlined that, while the media attention is understandably directed to the conflict in Ukraine, “the pandemic situation in Germany is much worse than the mood: we cannot say we are happy with the situation”. “I always read again that the Omicron variant it is a slight variant – adds the minister – but this is false or in any case only partially true. There are 250 victims a day in Germany. And in a few weeks the patients who will die will be more ”. The minister and the experts of the Robert Koch Institut they fear that there may again be too much pressure on the national health system.

The UK on the other hand is preparing to launch the administration of a “second booster” (fourth dose) of anti Covid vaccines to all over seventy-five-year-olds, immunosuppressed people and retirement home guests “in the coming weeks”. as recently recommended by the executive’s medical advisors. This was confirmed by Sajid Javid, Minister of Health of the government of Boris Johnson, questioned in Birmingham about the resumption of infections and hospitalizations in the last few days on the island as in other countries. Javid added that the data are under constant “surveillance”, but that the scenario with respect to severe cases appears to be “stable” at the moment.

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