Covid, Schillaci: goodbye daily bulletin, it will be weekly. Towards the reintegration of health personnel no vax

The Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci announced that the Covid progress bulletin will become weekly, not daily. “6 months after the suspension of the state of emergency, and in consideration of the trend of the infection from Covid-19, considers it appropriate to initiate a progressive return to normality in activities and behaviors, inspired by criteria of responsibility and compliance with current regulations” , inform the ministry. The strategy of reducing the last remaining restrictions is therefore confirmed. Soon, decisions on the isolation of asymptomatic patients could also arrive, which many are asking to be eliminated.

Information always available

Therefore, announces a note from Lungotevere Ripa, “also based on the prevailing indications in the medical and scientific fields, the daily publication of the bulletin of data relating to the spread of the epidemic, hospitalizations and deaths will be suspended, which will now be made known on a weekly basis, without prejudice – it should be noted – to the possibility for the competent authorities to acquire at any time the information necessary for monitoring the situation and for adopting the appropriate measures “. Also on this point, for some time there have been experts who have been asking to remove the daily bulletin, while others have argued that it is an important work tool for the Regions.

The reintegration of unvaccinated health personnel

With regard to health personnel subject to suspension proceedings for non-compliance with the vaccination obligation and the cancellation of the fines provided for by Legislative Decree 44/21, in view of the expiry of the provisions in force on 31 December next and the worrying shortage of medical personnel and reported by the heads of the health and territorial structures, a provision is being defined that will allow the reintegration into service of the aforementioned personnel before the expiry of the suspension. This is what we read in the note from the ministry of health.

The fines

Another measure that will be taken, this time by parliament with the inclusion of a rule in the Aid decree, is the cancellation or suspension of the fines for those over 50 who have not complied with the vaccination obligation, that is, who have not completed the first cycle within last June 15. This is 1.9 million people who have received, or are still receiving, a notice asking them to justify their lack of vaccination or to report a registration error. From the end of November, however, the 100 euro fine should be sent.

Mattarella: “Covid not yet defeated”

“After more than two and a half years of pandemic, we cannot yet proclaim the final victory over Covid-19. We still have to use responsibility and precaution. Public health has the task of maintaining high safety especially for the most fragile, the elderly, of those who suffer from previous pathologies. However, we feel that the most dramatic period is behind us. Science has been decisive “. This was stated by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarellain his speech for the ceremony at the Quirinale for the ‘Days of Research’.

Letta: “A dangerous ‘free all'”

“With the choices announced yesterday, somewhat unexpected, the message of the government is to backtrack and reverse on the measures that have to do with the containment of the covid. The choice made yesterday by the government, the first announcements, are deeply wrong . The message is ‘free all’, the opposite of everything that has been done in recent years, saving lives “. The Pd secretary said it, Enrico Lettain his report to the party leadership, underway at the Nazarene.

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