Covid, the pandemic resumes its race: Rt index at 1, the incidence of infections is growing. 5 regions at risk – Monitoring Iss

The average contagion index Rt calculated on symptomatic cases is growing, now reaching 1.0, therefore equal to the threshold value that determines the average number of people that an infected person risks infecting. A value that has not been seen since last July. This was revealed by the weekly monitoring published by the control room of theHigher Institute of Health he was born in Ministry of Health on the progress of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the last week, the weekly incidence increased from 215 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants of September 22 ai 325 cases of 29. To stay stableon the other hand, is the occupancy rate of the intensive care which remains stationary at 1.4%. The data concerning the medical areas: busy today at 6% against the 5.3% last week. Monitoring then indicated what they are like 5 the regions considered to date a high risk due to the occupation of hospital wards, while all other still moderate. These are the autonomous province of Bolzano (20.2%), Umbria (17.8%), Valle d’Aosta (16.4%), Calabria (12.9%) and Friuli-Venezia Giulia (10.6%) ). On 22 September there were only 2. The percentages of case detection remain almost unchanged: 11% from the tracking activity, 54% since the onset of symptoms (last week it was 53%) e 35% through screening activities (previously at 36%).

The Meloni plan against the pandemic

With the reopening of schools the infections started to rise again, reaching 40,000 new positives per day. As if that weren’t enough, the mandatory use of masks on buses, subways and trains is now also eliminated. The numbers recorded by intensive care, at the moment, are under controlbut the management of the pandemic cannot fail to be a central theme in the formation of the next government. Among the possible candidates for a post in the Ministry of Health, The print indicates Matteo Bassetti, director of the San Martino polyclinic in Genoa, who maintains that it is necessary delete the quarantine for those with no symptoms. “Free the asymptomatic it would also push many undeclared positives to wear the Ffp2 at least indoors, “he said,” rather than walking around without any protection so as not to be discovered. ” The new government could start from here, and consider a less “ideological” approach to vaccines, as he told the Republic the health manager of Fratelli d’Italia Marcello Gemmato. Therefore, the approach of Giorgia Meloni’s party can be summed up with a “no” to a new Green pass or similar, as “it was not a health measure”, and a “yes” to the vaccination strategy that elderly and frail: «We will rely on scientific data“.

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