Covid today Italy, Galli: “Predictable rise in contagion but trend remains down”

The rise in Covid infections in Italy in recent days “it was predictable. When precautions are relaxed that’s what happens. We have also seen it in other countries. We knew that the matter was not closed. “She explained it to Adnkronos Salute Massimo Galliformer director of Infectious Diseases at the Sacco hospital in Milan, underlining however that “overall the trend will continue to be favorablea small ‘rebound’, even significant, when attention is reduced we should have expected it “.

It cannot therefore be said that these are unexpected data, according to
Gauls, “those who did not want to wait for it did not expect it. With such a contagious virus, the decrease in attention implies a rise in the curve. We have a very widespread variant that manages to infect even vaccinated people, caution remains fundamental “.

There reopening of visits from relatives of the sick in hospital from tomorrow “It is certainly important. Sooner or later the issue had to be addressed and it is not wrong to try. The important thing is that people do not confuse the possibility of seeing family members with the relaxation of precautionary measures”, continues Galli.

A lot passes between the possibility of seeing the patients – underlines Galli – and the inattention to the risk of contagion. I hope this reopening is prudent. You need to use masks, keep your distance, sanitize your hands and reduce visits to real needs. Let us remember that the virus is still there, it has not disappeared “.

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