COVID too many infections, the masks are back, a new circular from the ministry of health, in case of need

The infections date back and some measures will probably return with them: from masks, to provisions against gatherings.

Unfortunately the Covid has not been overcome, the pandemic is still ongoing. In fact they go up contagions and the hospitalizations and some measures could also return with them: such as masks. This was stated by the agency Adnkronos Health, a new circular is being studied by the Ministry of Health. Still in draft and under examination by the Regions.

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In this draft there are potential indications regarding the situation in the winter period and it seems that masks could return in closed spaces.

The return of infections (and masks)

The draft of the circular emphasizes the need, if there is a worsening of infections with impacts on health care and essential services, of the return of the use of masks in closed spaces. This would be the first option to stem the infections.

Similarly, if there is a worsening of the ongoing epidemic, other measures will be evaluated, such as smart working and limitations to limit gatherings.

The pandemic is not over

COVID too many infections, masks are back, new circular from the ministry of health (1)
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The past summer, characterized by Omicron BA.4 and BA.5, made clear an irrefutable truth: the pandemic is not over. This is what is reported in the premise in the draft of the circular. What makes the epidemiological situation uncertain and all that it entails in terms of effects on the health system are the new ones variants capable of increasing transmissibility and symptoms of positives, as well as the vaccination campaign and compliance with health regulations.

The pandemic and its evolution is in fact unpredictable, and we are in the third year. An autumn and a winter awaits us, in which cases could worsen, with welfare increases. The future of the pandemic is not only linked to the new variants that may take over, but also to behavior of citizens.
In this autumn-winter period, the institutions will continue to focus on clear communication in line with scientific evidence.

As for the vaccination campaign, on the other hand, the draft shows the clear objective of continuing it to protect in particular elderly people and more people fragile from illness and hospitalization. Reason for which new vaccination strategies will be considered, considering bridging the limits of the primary cycle vaccination campaign.

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