Covid Toscana, Giani: “Contagions uphill until Easter” – Chronicle

Florence, March 9, 2022 – “Il Covid is a pathology that has a trend constantly undulatory: for eight, twelve weeks it grows, for eight twelve weeks it goes down. We have evidently run out of phase descendingand coincidentally after eight weeks the data of these days lead us to say that in the order of 20-30% i infections are rising“.

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This was declared by the president of the Tuscany Region, Eugenio Gianitaking stock of the emergency pandemic. “This has happened in the last two years – he adds – in the month of March, I reason on the basis ofexperience like the old farmers, spring arrives but it is still cold and infections date back. They will probably go back until mid-Aprilup to the period of Easteras happened last year and two years ago “.

Therefore, the governor warns, “the message to get across is that we must not let our guard down and we must not consider Covid as something that is exclusively and automatically behind us. We will have to live with Covid. “The president of the Region therefore recommends caution to his fellow citizens:” We must be very careful, continue with the protections, aware that it is not the Covid of the first virus or of the previous variants, but in continuity with Omicron it adapts more to our body. Consequently, it produces less deleterious effects, so it may occur with 4-5 days at home with a fever or a cold “. However, he concludes,” we must be vigilant and not have the idea of ​​a Covid that is gone. There is and is among us, we must take on the culture to prevent it “.

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