Covid vaccine bulletin today April 30/120 thousand fourth doses administered

Also today, Saturday 30 April 2022let’s go see the covid vaccine bulletin, the usual updated report on the mass vaccination campaign. The ministry of health and the ISS, the Higher Institute of Health, updated all the data shortly after 6:00 this morning, starting with total number of doses administerednow at 136.8 million, for an increase of about 50 thousand more than what was communicated in yesterday’s bulletin.

The number of fourth doses instead it rose to 119,574, while the third doses on the whole they remain stable, precisely at 39.3 million, equal to 82.4 per cent of the total vaccinable population. People who have completed the vaccination cycle, those who have therefore received at least the first two doses, are in total 48.6 million, equal to 90 per cent of the vaccinable population, finally the Italians with at least one dose there are a total of 49.3 million.


Today represents a sort of watershed day as regards the fight against the covid pandemic, given that, after practically two years, it will disappear the obligation to wear masks indoors except for public transport, hospitals, rsa and schools. In any case, the health minister, Roberto Hoperecalled how masks continue to be a highly recommended personal protective equipment, and at the same time, how important it is to continue to get vaccinated against covid.

“With the decisions taken yesterday (Thursday ed) we continue our gradual path – the words of the LeU exponent reported by – ​​the numbers tell us that the pandemic is still underway and a prudent approach is needed. We must insist with the vaccination campaign and with the use of the mask on all occasions in which there is a risk of contagion “.


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