Cowboys owner Jerry Jones explodes after team is eliminated by Packers

For many of the favorites in the wild card round cowboy and green bay It turns out to be a team dallasincluding team owners Jerry Jonesbut the game favored the “Packers”, who advanced to the division after defeating the “Cowboys” 48-32.

This makes the owner cowboy After the game, he exploded in the AT&T Stadium locker room and showed his annoyance.

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“I don’t have any comments or answers as to why and how we shouldn’t have done what we did. To the fans, we apologize because this is not the way to end the season. For the past three hours I have been wondering why this is happening. ,” pointed out jones.

In the words of the media, Jerry He assured that until that moment, he couldn’t understand how an entire season’s worth of work fell apart.

“It’s beyond my comprehension, we had high expectations and hopes, I thought we were in great shape and now we’ve been knocked out.”

Jerry Jones He mentioned again that they have a team ready to go deep in the playoffs, although he preferred to avoid talking about the coaches and players after Sunday’s loss.

“I thought we could go far in the playoffs, but we didn’t. I have nothing to say about the coaches or the players right now; it’s one of the biggest bad surprises I’ve had since joining.” Always involved in sports Movement,” he added.

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