CPK has a delay at the start

On Thursday, the Supreme Audit Office published a report entitled: “Central Communication Port – can it be successful?”.

We read in it that the largest government investment in Poland at the moment is delayed from the very beginning. NIK indicates that at this pace of work, the completion of the airport construction by the end of 2027 is at risk.

“In addition: it is still not known how much exactly the CPK will cost, nor where the money for this project will come from. exceed PLN 46 billion “- the report reads.

NIK: A reliable analysis is needed

In the opinion of the Supreme Audit Office, “it is necessary to immediately conduct a thorough analysis of costs and benefits, both economic and social, that are to be brought by the construction of the largest airport in our country, especially in the event of a collapse on the passenger flights market due to the pandemic”.

In the conclusions of the report, it was stated that the current state of advancement of CTH construction creates a situation in which “more important than the timely completion of the investment is its reliable preparation and implementation that will allow to eliminate the risks identified in the NIK audit”.

Airport in Baranów

The Central Communication Port is a planned transfer junction between Warsaw and Łódź, which will integrate air, rail and road transport. As part of this project, Solidarność Airport will be built 37 km west of Warsaw, which in the first stage will be able to handle 45 million passengers per year. CPK is 100 percent. owned by the State Treasury.

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