CPK. The runway plans are coming soon

The plenipotentiary was asked on Wednesday on the radio of Jedynka about the progress in the construction of the Central Communication Port.

In response, he recalled that a few weeks ago an agreement was signed with the contractor of the airport master plan, ie the general plan, required by aviation law, and “the entire business case around the airport”.

“The nature inventories required by law are about to end (…), so before the end of the year we will be able to show how exactly the locations will be located, not only in the colloquial sense that there will be an airport here, but also the exact layout that at this place there will be a strip, there will be a terminal with which we will go for an environmental decision “- he said.

He added that also in December, a visit by the Korean minister of transport is planned and the signing of contracts constituting the next stage of cooperation between the STH and the Korean Incheon airport, i.e. the STH’s strategic partner.

Horała also described the progress in the construction of railway lines related to the CPK project. He noted that a contract was signed on Tuesday for the development of a construction project for a 4-kilometer long-distance tunnel for High Speed ​​Railways near Łódź.

“We already have over 1000 km of lines in the preparatory work, i.e. the development of a technical and environmental study. We have completed the framework tender for the remaining ones, so we still have about 800 km left and these contracts will be successively signed at the beginning of next year,” he said. He also exchanged a large tender for PLN 6 billion for the design of subsequent sections, for which EU funds were obtained.

Marcin Horała also announced that an innovative partnership project will soon begin, which will allow Polish manufacturers to develop the capacity to build high-speed railways. As he said, the point is that in 2027-2028, when these connections are launched, the order for the trains could be fulfilled by Polish plants, because now high-speed railways are not produced in Poland.

“It will be a very large order for more than 100 warehouses, so it may then be the largest or the second largest in the world after Chinese orders (…), which will ensure profitability in order to create these technical capabilities, production capacity, and that Polish producers will later they could also offer high-speed trains in other countries, “he said.

Horała said that the completion of the first sections of high-speed rail is scheduled for 2027, but the schedule is “extremely ambitious” so delays are possible.


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