Cracovia. Otar Kakabadze Defeated Sweden, now scored the goal of the season in Ekstraklasa!

– What a goal! I do not know if the classification for the goal of the season has not been decided – Radosław Majdan grabbed his head in an interview with Interia. The former goalkeeper of the Polish national team worked for Canal + Sport during the Monday confrontation between “Belts” and Raków.

– As long as I live, I do not remember that in our Ekstraklasa goals were scored after a shot, after which the ball was flying at a speed of 119 km / h – said Filip Surma, station journalist who worked at Kałuża in Orest Lenczyk’s staff with appreciation for Kakabadze.

– I feel great. Mostly because we won, and that is always the most important thing. We deserved this victory. Perhaps in the first half Raków was a bit better than us, but in terms of the whole game we played better. I’m happy that I scored, but more of a victory, said Otar Kakabadze in the post-match interview zone.

During Michał Probierz’s tenure in Cracovia, he did not do well, but he does not hold a grudge against anyone. After his debut with Górnik Łęczna, he played seven minutes with Lechia (0-3), one half with Stal Mielec (3-3) and despite the fact that he scored her goal, in the remaining four matches he was removed from the squad. He did not get up from the bench even in the Krakow derby (0-1). He was sent to the third division reserves twice, for matches with Wólczanka Wólka Pełkińska (1-1) and Orlęta Radzyń Podlaski (4-1).

He is respectful of the Kakabaga Touchstone.

– First of all, I would like to thank Michał Prrząb for cooperation. I am in Cracovia thanks to him. I am pleased with the entire period we spent together. Now we have a new coach and all players are much more motivated. The first victory, scoring the first three points, is also due to Jacek Zieliński. This is a good omen for the next four matches we have left before the winter break. We have started a new stage well and we must continue this path – Otar is mobilizing himself and his colleagues.

The Georgian national team was his lifeline, as he has been the main player in recent months and plays for 90 minutes. Coach Willy Sagnol even entrusted him with the captain’s armband in the September friendly match against Bulgaria (1-4). Georgians under Sagnol’s wings have lost the fight for promotion to the World Cup with Spain, Sweden and Georgia, but on aggregate they turned out to be better than “Trzy Koron”, they defeated them 2-0 at home.

Another thing is that Jacek Zieliński, who returned to Cracovia after nearly five years, showed his coaching nose, letting him in the second half of the match against Rakow Kakabadze.

– The introduction of Kakabadze turned out to be a bull’s eye, but this player was included in my game plan from the beginning. Perhaps he would have played from the beginning, but two matches of 90 minutes in the national team, the trip Tbilisi – Munich – Krakow, damaged him a bit. He only conducted three trainings with us, so the final plan was to introduce him to the already tired Raków. In my thoughts, this boy will play an important role – says Jacek Zieliński, when asked by Interia about Georgian.

One thing is certain: Otar Kakabadze set the bar quite high, and at the same time won the hearts of “Belts” fans with a beautiful goal.

Coach Zieliński is aware that this is just the beginning of a difficult route. He is hoping that the team will be strengthened in the winter. Experts at the forefront with editor Paweł Pieprzyca from Interia cannot resist the impression that the style of “Belts” plays is deceptively similar to that of Michał Probierz. On the other hand, it’s hard to expect miracles after a few training sessions with the same players.

Michał Białoński, Interia

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