Cracovia – Rakow Częstochowa. A modest triumph of “Belts”

On the one hand, “Michał Prukaj, thank you”, and on the other, “Wall behind Zieliński” and “Trainer, welcome home”. The fans welcomed the new coach with high hopes, although after the first half they did not find any coverage.

The Cracovia coach did not conduct the revolution, although he made two important changes: Karol Niemczycki replaced Lukas Hrosso in the goal, and Michal Siplak was moved to the center of defense, sending Jakub Jugas to the bench. Forward Marcos Alvarez also appeared from the first minute, but he came down in the 29th minute due to an injury.

Alvarez did not manage to show much, just like all the offensive players of Cracovia. The “belts” were unable to initiate a positional attack, and the counter-attacks ended in two passes. Raków had more situations, but it could not be called a siege. Everything dangerous began and ended with Ivy Lopez. The 27-year-old Spaniard shot from a distance and tried at close range, but either the shots were caught by the Germans or the ball was flying past the post.

Lopez had his best chance in the 59th minute, but he struck back again. Until then, Raków had the advantage, but the game was so ugly that it was not a reason to be proud of having an advantage.

In the end, however, Cracovia got into the game. Michał Rakoczy pulled, Pelle van Amersfoort decided on the rally, Kamil Pestka added a good cross. Apparently nothing, but in such a weak match it was enough for the fans to get up from their seats and start cheering the team harder.

Nobody was sitting in his seat in the 69th minute anymore. The ball was hit outside the penalty area and Otar Kakabadze started for it. If the shot was to match the level of the game, the ball would land in the stands. At that moment, however, something happened that completely did not match the previous 69 minutes of the game – the Georgian hit perfectly, juicy and the ball fell into the very window of Raków’s goal. Gol “lick your fingers”! The fans grabbed their heads and Sergiu Hanca even wanted to clean Kakabadze’s shoes as a gesture of appreciation.

Marek Papszun, Raków’s coach reacted quickly and introduced three new players. The game became more interesting, but the guests did not have many situations. The loss of Rajow meant that the runners-up of Poland took fourth place in the table, Cracovia was promoted to 10th.

Cracovia – Rakow Czestochowa 1-0 (0-0)

Goal: Kakabadze (69th).

Yellow cards: Siplak, van Amersfoort, Piszczek – Kun, Tudor.

Cracovia: Niemczycki – Rapa, Rodin, Siplak (85th Jugas), Pestka – Rakoczy (61st Myszor), Loshaj (61st Kakabadze), Knap (46th Lusiusz), Hanca – van Amersfoort – Alvarez (39th Piszczek).

Raków: Kovacević – Papanikolaou, Niewulis, Arsenić – Tudor, Poletanović (75th Gvilia), Lederman, Kun (75th Wdowiak) – Lopez (83rd Guedes), Sturgeon (75th Arak) – Musiolik (46th Gutkovskis).

The judge was: Bartosz Frankowski.

Spectators: 6,058.

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