Crazy charging costs: Enel X is now close to 1 euro per

The rise in energy costs is forcing Enel X to rethink the tariffs for its network of charging stations for electric vehicles. After the increases at the beginning of the year, they arrive new increases which for the moment only affect the consumption rates for recharging in direct current, but which come close to the psychological threshold of 1 euro / kWh. “We work every day to support electric mobility through flexible, innovative and sustainable solutions“the company writes in an email to Enel X Way customers.”For this reason, despite the continuous increase in energy costs, Enel X Way has decided to keep the prices of its subscriptions and the Pay per Use in AC rate unchanged. Instead, new prices will be applied for DC top-ups starting October 8 “.

The new consumption rates in DC are on the one hand simpler, with only the distinction of the columns with power up to 150 kW or with higher power, but on the other hand see the DC recharge go from a minimum of 0.68 euros / kWh to 0.89 euros / kWh for columns up to 150 kW, and from 0.79 euros / kWh to as much as 0.99 euros / kWh for those with high power. On the other hand, the alternating current consumption rates remain unchanged, 0.58 euros / kWh, and the flat ones, with the two floors of 25 euros for 70 kWh per month (0.357 euros / kWh) and 45 euros for 145 kWh (0.31 euro / kWh). The increase in Enel X Way follows the one just announced by Tesla which brought the tariff of its high-power charging network to 0.66 euros / kWh in Italy, while prices are also expected to rise for Eni Plenitude’s BeCharge network.

Tesla Supercharger rates are rising across Europe. In Italy it goes to € 0.66 / kWh

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