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It was a crazy night, in some ways surreal, but also lived under high tension. Location via Maronti, in the Municipality of Barano, where a character already known in the news and also to the police literally sowed panic before being stopped by the police, damaged a carabinieri car and forced a couple of members of the ‘Arma to be reported at the Rizzoli hospital in Lacco Ameno. This is the dynamics of the facts, it was just after 11pm on Sunday evening when a report reached the operations centre. Initially it refers to an ongoing dispute with a particularly agitated boy. An attitude, the men led by Captain Tiziano Laganà will be able to verify after the intervention, due to the fact that the subject in question – Manuel Monaco – is an established drug addict and therefore probably was in withdrawal symptoms and did not have it therefore with someone in particular nor who knows what event had triggered his anger as sudden as it was uncontrollable. This circumstance is also confirmed by the fact (which would have been ascertained later) that the young man had already entered a “collision course” with some patrons of a bar located not far from the area of ​​the crime we are talking about.

But what caused the “spark” that made the intervention of the police necessary? According to the reconstruction of the carabinieri, a boy who had just returned from work parks his moped and is confronted with a hard face by Manuel Monaco who tries to start a fight without having been tried in the slightest. He does so by addressing his neighbor with phrases such as “what are you looking at”, “why are you looking at me” and so on. However, events precipitate shortly thereafter: Manuel Monaco is in possession of a screwdriver and after having repeatedly threatened the unfortunate customer, he decides to take action and hits him on the shoulder, luckily without piercing him or causing any particular damage (not to case the victim of the mad act did not intend to be medicated and consequently not even reported). In the meantime, the carabinieri arrive on the spot: Manuel Monaco flees but is soon blocked by the military. However, he yanks the guardians of order who in the end manage to load him into the service car to take him to the barracks.

It was also subjected to the measure of the obligation to sign. In an evident withdrawal crisis, he first hit a boy lightly with a screwdriver, then did the same with the soldiers of the Arma before shattering a glass of the service car

All finished? Well, the worst was yet to come. Monaco doesn’t give up and starts kicking in the car like a maniac until he even shatters the rear glass of the police car. At that point, having arrived at the barracks, he was declared under arrest on charges of resistance and injury to a public official (two carabinieri had to resort to the treatment of the Rizzoli health workers and were judged curable in seven days) and aggravated damage. Not only that, he is also accused of possession of an object capable of offending, i.e. the screwdriver which was obviously seized. The ASL Napoli 2 Nord ambulance also arrived at the barracks and administered a dose of methadone. Yesterday morning the transfer to the Court of Naples where the trial was held by express. The judge validated the arrest of the carabinieri and sentenced Manuel Monaco to eight months’ imprisonment and subjected to the measure of the obligation to sign.

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