Crazy prices for wood in Fvg, a pallet also costs 350 euros

Hike in wood prices in Fvg

The cost of pellets is growing, passing from 4 to 12 euros in a year, but also the price of wood don’t joke: a pallet can cost you too 350 euros.

Price increases due to various factors:increased demand, given that many people have opted for biomass to avoid gas increases; there rising energy prices and the block that several countries have put to exports on firewood, binding it to the internal market.

And so, there are fewer and fewer logs for our stoves, and they cost: at Zanutta, a pallet costs about 330 euros (plus transport) and also several other retailers in the province of Udine have prices starting from 300 and they can even exceed 350 eurosdepending on the cuts and the type of wood and drying.

Prices are slightly lower in the 34 outlets of the Agricultural Consortium of the Fvg which has an ad hoc promotion: until October 15, a pallet of beech wood costs between 295 and 299 euros (depending on the length of the logs). At the Circolo Agrario Friulano, from October 1st, the sale prices range from 290 euros per pallet, ai 335 for dried wood and ai 350 euros for the certified one.

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