creating better conditions for workers and breaking down the tax wedge »- Il Golfo 24

«We are coming out of two years of a pandemic, in which there have been moments of strong criticality on the labor issue. Suffice it to recall the 2020 season when the recovery of our tourist cycle was struggling for health prescriptions, and at the same time predictable tensions developed, with a system of guarantees and protections that, although stammering and alternating current, somehow managed to give answers , although lower than expected. Today this phase is behind us, there are signs of recovery: we had the Easter weekend during which there was a strong recovery of presences on the island, as well as in the Liberation bridge. So I think that the worst phase has been overcome, and we must move towards a system of ordinariness, where job opportunities are linked to the ways in which the economic system will be able to interpret this new phase of recovery, but where in my opinion we need to keep and above all to cultivate hope for the future. There are systemic problems that affect the whole of Italy, such as the issue of citizenship income which in some way is altering or in any case influencing the labor market, but where the challenge is to guarantee more rewarding conditions of access to employment for the workers. At the same time it is necessary to create a tax system where the company must be able to benefit from a reduction in indirect costs to ensure the workforce: we are talking about the so-called tax wedge, which is that sort of barrier that arises in the labor market between the company that it offers employment opportunities and workers looking for such opportunities ».

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