Creators of quantum computers on the US blacklist

The Bureau of Industry and Security of the US Department of Commerce just added 27 companies to their list of banned entities from the US, including several Chinese dealing with quantum computing. This is the first event of this type.

The government is introducing these restrictions for fear of National security. Quantum technologies are developing rapidly. It is no secret that the Chinese are making great strides in this field. It is safe to say that they are currently one step ahead of the USA. That is why the government prefers to be safe than sorry and block key corporations to limit the possibility using quantum technologies to spy on the territory of the country.

Eight companies from China appeared on the blacklist, according to the Financial Times. They have all been marked as cooperating with the Chinese army. They are designed to support the development of military technologies, including anti-submarine applications, cracking encryption or developing secure encryption.

The Chinese recently announced the achievement of true quantum supremacy on their own a quantum computer named Jiuzhang. The machine performed an extremely complex simulation in just 180 seconds, which would take the world’s most powerful supercomputer, Fugaku, 600 million years, and the Chinese Sunway TaihuLight, the third fastest in the world, up to 2.5 billion years.

Not only that, also in terms of supercomputers, China is the leader in the world. Experts believe that the Middle Kingdom is ahead of the United States and Japan by at least six months, if not a full year. Interestingly, two supercomputer systems have achieved computing power exceeding the limit of 1 exaflop a few months ago, but the Chinese government and the companies involved in the project kept this information strictly confidential. All for fear of imposing sanctions by the US government on the companies that helped with the construction supercomputers.


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