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With the advent of e-commerce, and the digital world in general, we are increasingly accustomed to purchasing products or goods through digital payments, which take place using credit cards (or debit / prepaid cards, alternatively) or PayPal, the international and secure circuit that connects to a bank account or any other credit card.

However, it is not infrequent that various scams and phishing attempts occur online, leading the consumer on duty to be scammed, and involving a serious risk for his important personal data, such as credit card number and so on.

Credit cards can in fact be cloned quite quicklyallowing the scammer to be able to make purchases both in physical stores and in online e-commerce, to the detriment of the unfortunate on duty.

One of the most popular credit card scams over the last few years involves cloning the card of the user in question who goes to any ATM, but unfortunately one has been applied to it. skimmer. that is, a device that is capable of temporarily storing sensitive data. The scammer at the end of the day thus collects the potential data of dozens and dozens of users who have gone to that ATM, thus being able to make purchases and transactions in total freedom.

Fortunately over time the phenomenon was, at least in part, reduced thanks to the use of the contactless method for credit cardswhich does not include the classic “swipe” on the POS on duty, but only needs to be approached near it.

The phishing technique

Another scam method particularly used today is that of phishing: in this case the scam often takes place online, through the receipt of an e-mail or SMS in which the “alleged” bank would ask the user for sensitive data.

Clearly, we remind you that no banking institution requests sensitive data through these means of communication, except through the home-banking system after having properly entered your PIN and other related security measures.

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In all these cases, when you inadvertently notice some suspicious transactions, our advice is to immediately block the card by contacting the assistance and customer service of the bank or through the home-banking system you have installed on your smartphone. , so as to cut off any possible unwanted withdrawal by the scammer on duty at birth.

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