Credit transfer even between relatives: is it allowed?

Waiting for the political elections and to find out what the future of our country will be, many are curious to know also what will be the fate of some measures that have been signed by the last governments, such as the Super bonus 110% and the related credit assignment.

In this regard, we have already seen that there is good news for many, as they are except for applications for credit transfer already made. At the same time, however, there is no shortage of doubts, with many who, for example, ask themselves whether the assignment of credit is allowed even between family members. Here’s how it works.

Credit transfer even between relatives: how it works

A real godsend for those who want to renovate a property without spending staggering amounts, we have already had the opportunity to see how different the doubts about building bonuses are. Just think that more and more people are afraid of giving up the tax credit for the 110% Superbonus.

Also dwelling on the latter, moreover, there are many who, for example, ask themselves if the assignment of credit is allowed even between relatives. Well yes, the answer is yes. This provided that the subjects who acquire them use them in compensation for the payment of taxes and contributions.

The clarifications of the Revenue Agency

Responding to a question sent to the Fisco Oggi mail, theRevenue Agency explained how to use the credit corresponding to the 110% Superbonus or other building bonuses in the event of its transfer to relatives.

Well, as explained by the same institute, according to when established by article 121 of the Relaunch Decree, the tax credits deriving from the interventions that give the right to the Superbonus and other building bonuses must be used in compensation.

This is based on the residual deduction installments not used.

Going into the details, therefore, the tax credit is used with the same distribution in annual quotas with which the deduction would have been used. If the share of the tax credit is not used during the year, it should be remembered, it will not be possible to benefit from it in the following years.

Superbonus 110% and building bonuses: credits transferred to relatives

Again as explained by the Revenue Agency in response to a taxpayer who has asked a specific question through the tax office todayso:

“The credits that the relatives will receive will have to be used in compensation, through the F24 model, for the payment of taxes and contributions paid with this model (income taxes, VAT, Irap, social security contributions due by holders of insurance positions, social security and welfare contributions due by employers, premiums for insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases, taxes on government concessions, school fees , substitute taxes for income taxes and VAT, etc.).

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