Cremona, pizzeria exposes the bill of 4 thousand euros in protest: “Go as a thief or close the business?”

Bills skyrocket and restaurateurs are struggling to pay them. Thus Alberto Rovati, owner of the Funky Gallo pizzeria, in Roncadello, a fraction of Casalmaggiore in the Cremonese area, has decided to display a photocopy of a bill for about 4,000 euro (4,058 euros and 9 cents) to be paid for the electricity used in July 2022. And beside it he writes: “When the expenses become unsustainable. Put a pizza Margherita for 10 euros and go as a thief or close the business?“. Funky Gallo is well-known in the village for its affordable costs, but now the managers are forced to change course.

CORRIERE DELLA SERA \ Bill exposed at Fucky Gallo, August 17, 2022

Rovati: “We can’t go on like this”

«The same bill last year, for the same period – says Rovati al Corriere della Sera – was of 1.350 euror, an increase in the 300%“. The display of the bill does not want to scare customers, explains the owner, but wants to send a signal of “strong protest“. And he comments: “This is not going to go on.” Also because energy is the most striking bill, but not the only one. “There is also gas and all the essential supplies. And above all the raw materials: oil, wheat, everything you need to make a pizzeria-restaurant like ours work ». Once Funky Gallo could put a daisy on 5 euros now you have to go up. Alberto reports that if they put it between 8 and 9 euros they would be able to equalize the costs, so to earn it he is considering raising it to at least 10 euros. “We are forced. The alternative is to close the business ».

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