Criminal Chronicles – The Joseph Vincensini affair: the headless corpse of Corte / Kim Kardashian – Criminal Chronicles

In Corte, Corsica, Joseph Vincensini, alias Jojo, is a local figure. Business going well, undeniable success with women, a group of friends to play poker… And yet, one fine day in January 2005, Jojo disappeared. More worryingly, his house is covered in bloodstains and the safe has been emptied. Did his success and success make anyone envious? Has his past and his sulphurous friendships caught up with him? For the population as for the investigators, the mystery is complete. Disappearing weapons, secret appointments with an enigmatic woman, a decapitated body left to the pigs… From false leads to twists and turns, involving the Corsican mafia and nationalist attacks, the investigators will discover one of the most incredible criminal cases that the Corsica has known. Through the testimonies of magistrates and relatives of the victim, but above all thanks to the testimony of one of the men who was at the heart of this crime, this unpublished document retraces, step by step, the events which led to the assassination of Joseph Vincensini in incredible conditions. The Joseph Vincensini affair, a new investigation by “Criminal Chronicles”, told by Jacques Pradel. With the testimonies of: Marc Antoine Luca: Best friend of Joseph Vincensini Me Stéphane Gazzo-Marfisi : Lawyer for Nathalie BattestiMe Pascal Garbarini: Lawyer for Dominique PasqualaggiAriane Chemin: Journalist “Le Monde”.Paul Ortoli: Former editor-in-chief of “Corse Matin”Stéphane Munka: Judicial columnistVincent Raffray: Investigating judgeJoseph Sabiani: close to the accused

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