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The criminals look for ways that you can take advantage of the the pandemic the coronavrus in the In europe. Do they fit in to the extent that the pandemic it: trfico de mscaras, vaccines, fake, fraud against the elderly and abuse on the internet from children under the age of confined.

Milhes de people are in their homes, reducing the number of thefts. The units leave the raiders with no vtimas, and the closure of the borders, exam obstculos by narcotrfico, this causes tenses between the drug dealers and cause a shortage of the drug.

But the spread of the Covid-19 in the rest of europe, currently the epicentre of the hiv pandemic, created a new espcie of the criminals, who adapted quickly and changed the rules of the game.

“The criminals took advantage quickly of the opportunity to exploit the crisis by adapting its methods of working, or setting out for new activities that are illegal,” said a Agncia the European Polcia office (Europol), in a relatrio published on Friday.

“The coup leaders to quickly adapt their systems to cheat in order to capitalize on the angstia, and the fear of the cidados europe,” says a agncia.

Catherine De Bolle, managing director of Europol; notes that, “the criminals are who are interested in a single question: ‘How to make more money?'”. “For this reason, at the moment to the pandemic,” he stated to AFP.

In many of the countries the europeans, and the forces of security have suffered a drop in crime ‘- traditional’. On the other side of the coin, the explosion that registered in other sectors of the economy, with the rise of new types of fraud and cyber-crime because of the pandemic.

The crisis of the new coronavrus can also “reveal the very worst of humanity,” said the commandant of the polcia uk, commenting on the theft of the cylinders of the oxignio at a hospital in Manchester.

In the whole of Europe, the online scams have skyrocketed in the ltimas weeks.

A Agncia Uk in the Fight against transnational Organised Crime (NCA), has said that “the criminals, take into account to target people who are trying to purchase material mdico, on the internet, send e-mails, which provide faux support for mdico and mislead people vulnerveis, or more isolated at home.

Fake drivers ambulncias

In Germany, for example, “a cyber criminal can take advantage of the preocupaes the COVID-19 in order to send you e-mails, to the capture of personal data, or that it has contedos, malicious, or for the use of the fear of the people, with the intenes fraudulent,” he said of the polcia.

In Denmark, the Danish government has committed itself to impose the penalties harsh for the ladres of alcohol a gel, and to those who pose as staff in the area of health, or the drivers of the ambulncias.

For some, dressed with a mscaras, and lab coats, they say they will do scans of a deteco do coronavrus to enter residences, usually in older people.

Organization (the World Health organisation (WHO) has warned against a sharp rise in ‘phishing’ (captao of personal data via e-mail, as well as for fraud using the name of the host.

The pandemic has also led to an increase in the activity of the pedfilos on the internet, it is jesus christ, the polcia da Sucia.

In the History, pas is the most affected by the new coronavrus, some are concerned that the small businesspeople with money problems making use mfia in order to save your business.

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