Crisanti prefers the higher salary as a researcher, the University of Padua freezes the senator Pd: “We won’t pay him if he doesn’t work here”

«No payment will be made against the lack of managerial and assistance activities by Prof. Crisanti, due to the recent election to the Senate of the Republic ». This is how the university hospital of Padua replied to the microbiologist Andrea Crisanti, just elected senator for the Democratic Party in the European college. It was the scientist himself who declared in an interview with Padua morning of wanting to give up the salary as a parliamentarian, according to him much lower than what he gets as a researcher and hospital manager. But it was from his old job that the warning came. ” “The economic treatment of the lecturer on leave is due from the administration to which he / she belongs, the University of Padua, which receives an economic share from the hospital based on the services effectively guaranteed in favor of the company and consequently of the patients ”, the university said. In this case, the hospital company underlines, “it is clear that the important commitments of the Professor at the Senate cannot ignore aleave from previous work, also configured according to the law as a parliamentary expectation ». In some statements to the press, Crisanti had explained his renunciation of the salary of senator as a simple one economic question. Not being able to receive two paychecks, in fact, he was asked to choose between the salary of a senator and that of a microbiologist. «I opted for the latter, for contributory reasons – explained the professor – It suits me, it is a higher remuneration and then it is a question of social security contributions and continuity in the payment ». The recent declaration of the University of Padua, however, could convince Crisanti to retrace his steps and not give up his salary as a senator.

Cover photo: ANSA / RICCARDO ANTIMIANI | Senator of the Democratic Party, Andrea Crisanti, during the registration for the new legislature at Palazzo Madama, Rome (11 October 2022)

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