Crisis on the border 150 immigrants wanted to get to Poland. Live

11.00 a.m. A spokeswoman for the Border Guard informed about the possibility of allowing journalists to enter the area covered by the state of emergency. “The approvals will be issued by the commanders of the institutions, we will still talk about what it will look like, but we certainly know that it will not be large groups of journalists. (…) I cannot imagine that 170 editorial offices will enter the border for us” – Anna Michalska said on Radio Plus.

10.00 a.m. Stanisław Żaryn, spokesman of the Minister-Coordinator of Special Services, commented sharply on the publication that appeared on the BBC website: “Crisis on the Polish border. What happens to migrants who are pushed out?”.

“This article is extremely biased. Why do you not put any pressure on the Belarusian regime? Are you not fully aware that Lukashenka is playing with the fate of these people? Minsk is cynically using migrants solely for its political purposes. These foreigners came to Belarus at the invitation of the authorities Now they want to cross the Polish border illegally. What we are struggling with is nothing more than a hostile political operation led by Belarusian services, including the KGB. And you are suggesting that Poland should be criticized? “- wrote Żaryn in an emotional post.

9.20 The tactics of the Belarusian power structures in the migration crisis are changing; Small groups of migrants are being pushed to the border with Lithuania, said Rustamas Liubajevas, the head of the Lithuanian State Border Protection Service (VSAT) on Monday. As he added, groups of 3, 4, 5 people are currently being pushed back, which makes their detection and detention a bit more difficult.

09.15 Ok. 400 trucks are waiting for clearance through the border crossing with Belarus in Koroszczyn (Lubelskie Voivodeship). The waiting time for a ride is currently around 8 hours.

08.40 Andrzej Duda, asked in an interview with the weekly “Sieci”, said that talks are underway about whether Poland should take advantage of Art. 4 of the North Atlantic Treaty. “We are obviously aware of the fact that Article 4 exists, but let’s be aware that the North Atlantic Alliance, which is a defense alliance, is also a military alliance. I emphasize it, today we do not observe a military threat” – he said.

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