Crisis on the border. A Kurdish woman from Iraq told Fakt what was happening in the Belarusian forest

As Kani Saman says, it is difficult to find good and profitable jobs in Iraq. It is also not easy to get a visa to most countries, so the offer of an easy trip to Belarus seemed tempting. The family with their eight-year-old son started their journey at the beginning of November. From Iraq, they flew to Diyarbakir in Turkey, and from there to Minsk. They spent three days in a hotel in the Belarusian capital. They bought winter clothes there for about $ 300. Belarusian guards took them there.

They paid 5,000 for the trip from Iraq to Turkey. dollars, for a trip from Turkey to Minsk 7.5 thousand. dollars. In total, approx. 12.5 thousand dollars, or over 50 thousand. zlotys. As they say, it is not easy to get a visa from Iraq to any European countries, so when they heard about the easy possibility of traveling through Belarus, they did not hesitate for a moment. Initially, they intended to go to Germany, but the ordeal that met them in the forest made them decide to apply for asylum in Poland. They had no idea that they were in for 23 days of nightmare. From Minsk, they took food with them, which was supposed to be enough for them for about a week. Representatives of Belarusian services took them to the border.

They ate a square of chocolate a day. They were given dirty water to drink

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