Crisis on the border. Migrants want to go to Iraq. They don’t know how to do it

About the first flight Iraqi Airwaysover 300 people lost their lives, Belarusian authorities announced on November 18.

On Wednesday, November 24, the Russian agency RIA Novosti announced that another flight was to be organized and it would depart on Thursday at 2:30 PM. Data for this flight even appeared on the airport notice board, but on Thursday morning it was marked as “canceled”.

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The Belarusian authorities said on Thursday morning that “unfortunately, no steps are being taken on the part of the EU”. “Where is the help from the EU? You just can’t see it” – Secretary of the Security Council Alyaksandr Walfowicz said on Thursday morning.

– Currently, about 200 people are waiting for this flight at the airport in Minsk – he added.

Meanwhile, MIR (the media holding of the Commonwealth of Independent States) reported that “Iraqi Airways canceled the flight because the EU did not pay for it.”

According to PAP’s findings, there were no arrangements in this matter. One of PAP’s sources, involved in efforts to return migrants to their countries of origin, said directly: “This flight was not planned at all”. The interlocutor suggested that “there may have been some technical mistake at the airport”.

At the airport in Minsk, it was not possible to clarify the situation with the allegedly scheduled and then canceled flight. The press office referred journalists to Iraqi Airways and announced that the airport security service, using its “legal powers, does not agree to work as a journalist at the airport.”

The interlocutor from Iraqi Kurdistan, who asked not to mention his name and surname, says that he has been in Minsk for 15 days. He flew here from Irbil via Tehran and Istanbul because he believed that it was “quite easy to get to Poland and then to Germany via Belarus”. He is 21 years old.

– Already on the spot, in Minsk, I realized how dangerous it is. Together with my colleagues – there are 12 of us in total, we gave up these plans. My parents got scared, they insist that I come back as soon as possible – he says.

He is still in the country legally, because he managed to extend his visa with the help of a local lawyer (price – $ 100). He hopes to fly out of Belarus and return home on Friday.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka also said on Thursday that “Europeans should pay for the flight”.

– Please, we are collecting them at the airport, but they did not send something from the plane. What? Do you have to pay? Let Europeans pay. We have allocated money, millions and thousands, they said. We didn’t get a single kopeck. We don’t need it, let it go to the Red Cross and others. For now, we are feeding and drinking them. How much can this flight cost? Let the EU pay off, said Lukashenka.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that there are no obstacles for “refugees” who want to return home.

On Thursday afternoon, the Belarusian Sputnik Telegram reported that flights to Iraq had appeared on the Minsk airport board. In turn, the airport in Minsk announced that four flights will take place on Friday and Saturday.

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