Crisis on the border. The Orlen company designed the spans of the dam

The Ministry of Interior and Administration and the Border Guard informed on January 4 about the signing of three large contracts related to the construction of a dam on the border with Belarus. The construction works, for which PLN 644 million have been contracted, will be performed by Budimex and a consortium of Unibep and its subsidiary Budrex. In turn, with a consortium of three companies: Polimex-Mostostal, Mostostal Siedlce and Węglokoks, a contract was signed for the construction of steel spans, i.e. basic elements of the dam, for PLN 589 million. The total value of the contracts is PLN 1 233 million.

The contracts were published on the website of the Ministry of Interior and Administration together with the contract with Orlen Projekt signed on January 3. The spokeswoman of the Border Guard, Lieutenant Anna Michalska, when asked about the details of the contract with this company, explained that it concerned the preparation of conceptual drawings of the barrier span in various variants of foundation, the detailed design of the standard span and technical consultancy.

The company had five days from signing the contract to design the span and prepare the drawings. On the basis of the design, SG ordered the spans to be made in a consortium led by Polimex-Mostostal.

Pursuant to the contract, the remuneration for Orlen Projekt will amount to PLN 369 thousand. zloty. – It should be emphasized that the contract with Orlen Projekt SA is a framework contract. The actual settlement of remuneration on this account will be made according to the hourly rates specified in the contract and the contractor’s working time specified in the order – the SG spokeswoman noted.

– Orlen Projekt SA has so far provided services for the amount of PLN 37 thousand. PLN (ie mainly the costs of the design and concept drawings – added cf. Michalska.

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Dam on the border. Works will start in January

The construction of the dam is to start around January 25. Then SG plans to hand over the construction sites to Budimex and the consortium of Unibep and Budrex. The first of these contractors will erect the dam on two sections with a total length of 105.5 km, and the second – 80.7 km. The works will be carried out simultaneously on four sections.

The investment – in accordance with the act on the construction of state border protection, which entered into force on November 4 – is a public goal. Separate provisions are not applied to it, including, inter alia, construction law, water law or environmental law. The Public Procurement Law does not apply to contracts related to the investment, and the procurement is controlled by the CBA. The information on the construction, security measures and technical parameters of the dam is kept secret. The formal investor is the commanding officer of the Border Guard.

The next stage related to the construction of the dam will be the signing of contracts for the electronic barrier. In the Regulatory Impact Assessment for the draft of the aforementioned act, the cost of perimetry was estimated at PLN 115 million.

The dam, with a total length of 186 km and a height of over 5.5 m, is to be ready in June this year.

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