Cristiano Malgioglio attacks Madonna and Lady Gaga: “No solidarity towards Italy”

The pandemic coronavirs is expected to continue, and in Italy has registered 162.488 positive cases of infection and 21.067 dead, according to the data provided by the civil Protection and updated to last Tuesday, the 14th of April. Among the vips, there are those who are activated on social to send messages of solidarity and invitation to the prevention of all the Countries affected by the global e-Covid-19. Including Cristiano Malgioglio. That has had the web by sharing publicly a series of posts on Twitter in these difficult days of quarantine, willing as a measure antivirus. In one of his last tweets, he intended the words to the vitriol the two popstars of international fame Lady Gaga and Madonna even having shown indifferent in the non-addressed messages of solidarity to the Country, in the light of their Italian origins.“No solidarity for our Country to be part of @Madonna and @ladygaga and many other artists of Italian origin, for what is causing the #conavirus. Congratulations. Sensitivity zero”, it reads, in fact, in his post in the poison, published last march 11.

And in an exclusive interview granted to New magazinethe newspaper directed by Riccardo Signoretti, lyricist, and former contestant of Big brother vip 2 has released some statements just in the margin of his recent torpedo social launched to the two famous artists, revealing the whole of his disappointment felt for the non-ready support from them towards Italy.

“I am of Italian origin and should be ashamed that you have not sent immediately messages of solidarity to Italy”, he made his debut in the last intervention. And continued piqued, raging on the two popstars: “Rogue. Lady was worried of not being able to do his show in Paris, instead of sending messages of solidarity. She did not expect it”.

And it doesn’t end here. Because the former contestant in the spin-off of the Gf dedicated to the celebrities criticised the conduct of social taken up by Lady Gaga and Madonna in the last few weeks in a new its intervention granted Novella 2020the newspaper directed by Roberto Alessi. “The two stupid, they were not there. I speak of Madonna and Lady Gaga -said-. Are also of Italian origins, but they have not made a fold for us. I was expecting instead, at least one appeal. A smile, an applause, instead of nothing”. And he concluded: “not Even a tear. Madonna has been photographed while she was swimming among the candles”.

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