Cristiano Malgioglio: “Since my parents are gone, Christmas doesn’t exist. I don’t even taste a slice of panettone”

Controversial, extravagant and unconventional. Cristiano Malgioglio he finds strength in being himself: melancholy and sympathetic at the same time, against the tide, but original. After the success as judge a Such and which showis ready for his hosting debut with My home is your homestarting tonight on Rai2. A program of interviews in five appointments, immersed in an informal, almost “domestic” dimension, in which he will welcome various guests, including international ones. All this, with the usual irreverent and provocative style and a fun and exciting atmosphere. For the occasion, he recounted his experience in an interview with Repubblica: “When the director Stefano Colettawhom I thank because he is a free man and trusted me, said to me: “I would like you to do it My home is your home”, I answered him: “I’m not going to touch the biggest one, Raffaella Carrà, it was his show. But she reassured me,” she explained. Then, she added that she would love to interview Jennifer Lopez: “He asked for an amount with which I could make 150 bets”.

A little bad. International guests will be there as well and Malgioglio revealed that he is not very fluent in English: “At Unomattina I had interviewed Jennifer Aniston. When I asked, “How come a woman like you let a hot guy like Brad Pitt?”, a collaborator arrived like a beast screaming: “You don’t ask these questions,” she said. Despite this, Sam Ryder will arrive in his living room, who greatly impressed him during the last one Eurovision Song Contest (in which he competed for the UK): “I cooked him parmigiana, he didn’t know it and he devoured it. I was so excited. I stumbled, he only had one free date and he came ”.

To inaugurate the broadcast, tonight, will be a guest Heather Parisi and the singer-songwriter didn’t hide his satisfaction with the meeting: “Maybe it would have been tight with a journalist, he talked about everything with me”. Not only. The singer will also enter Malgioglio’s house Luz Casal (exclusively) e Ilona Staller: “It was nice with Ilona: she looked like something out of a Swiss watch. They put a bathtub in the kitchen; she undressed, I interview her sitting on the toilet,” confessed the conductor. No vulgarity, however: “They thought of something original, what I wanted”.

During the interview, there was also space to talk about entertainment: “My luck is that I don’t have colleagues, you can’t say that I’m a colleague of Gianni Morandi. I didn’t experience the moments of silence badly. Then there is snobbery, some characters want to be moralists. But you build morals on your own, even if you are different from the others” he commented. Then, he retraced part of his professional career: “In my life I have written for everyone, for mine, Roberto Carlos. When I was down in the dumps, my mom used to say: “When one door closes, another door opens”. I suffered, I was light years ahead”. Finally, some mention of private life: “I’ve been in a relationship for four years, I’ve just returned from Istanbul. He is beautiful, I met him by chance at the Grand Bazaar, he is 39 years old and comes from a respectable family,” he revealed. The singer, however, will not celebrate Christmas with his half of him: “Since my Christmas has disappeared, I don’t even taste a slice of panettone,” he concluded.

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