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First of all, the Portuguese newspaper “The ball” launched an article with the name Cristiano Ronaldo desired in… Botafogo“. So of course this is a joke. However, this was enough to stir up the twisted pack of Botafogo. This crowd is excited, especially after the victory over International by 3 x 2. And a “possibility” of the arrival of the Portuguese striker excited the Botafogo fans even more.

“I know it’s just a joke, but as a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo and extremely botafoguense would simply freak out if he ever came to Botafogo. Swooning talk and all” – wrote a netizen on social media.

However, the article in the Portuguese newspaper is just a joke. And the inspiration for this game was an interview with Rafael, right side of the Botafogo who played with Cristiano Ronaldo at the Manchester United. In short, shirt 7 of the Botafogo talked about the chances of bringing Portuguese:

“I’ll be honest, I believe it can be. He’s not happy. From what I’ve heard, they don’t want him there either, I don’t know. It’s the two ways. O Manchester don’t go to Champions and he has to see where he’s going and it’s no use just to play Championsleague, because it will not solve. He’s scoring a lot of goals, he’s just not winning. I even think it will come out. Maybe he doesn’t want to play Championsintend to play in Brazilian and come to the Botafogo. Besides, we’re rich, right? – joked Rafaelshirt number 7 Botafogo.

Another idol in Botafogo

At the end of the interview, Rafael remembered the arrival of another unlikely hire. it’s the dutch Clarence Seedorfwho played in Botafogo between 2013 and 2014. In short, Rafael Said he didn’t believe when Seedorf arrived in Rio de Janeiro:

“After the Seedorf came, I believe in everything. It was bizarre when he came, even I couldn’t believe it, as a Botafogo native. But it went very well. He played a lot” – he concluded.

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