Cristiano Ronaldo demands 20 million euros in salary arrears

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, which reveals information this Saturday, the exact amount claimed by Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus is 19.9 million euros. The former Turin club player (from 2018 to 2021) will have turned to Italian justice to recover this amount, which he had agreed not to cash immediately when Covid froze the entire world, and hence Serie A.

After the championship was paused from March to June 2020, there was a long period without spectators in stadiums due to health measures designed to contain the pandemic, and clubs suffered financially.

The Italian daily indicates that Juve requested efforts and even a salary “freeze” from players and management on two occasions, first in 2020, collectively, then in 2021, through individual negotiations.

There is already an agreement between Juve and Dybala

Now, the five-time Portuguese Ballon d’Or exiled to Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia believes it is time to get his assets back. La Gazzetta dello Sport indicates that Argentine Paulo Dybala, now at AS Roma, had received three million in salary arrears, following an agreement with Juventus.

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