Cristiano Ronaldo first sportsman in history to earn 1 billion dollars

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Forbes has revealed that CR7 is the first sports celebrity in the history capable of putting together a fortune of over $ 1 billion.

Cristiano Ronaldo hits a new record. The star of Juventus excels off the field, having been recently named by Forbes the first footballer in history to have exceeded one billion dollars in earnings in the course of their career.

Even doing it on purpose, to come in second in this special ranking of the life and work of the football world is the rival of the attacker Portuguese: Lionel Messi, star player argentine Barcelona.

According to the data made public by Forbes in The Celebrity 100 list of the one hundred highest-paid in the world of sports and not only, the ace of Setubal would have managed to put together a 105 million dollars this year alone, placing it in fourth position behind only Kylie Jenner, Kenye West and to the tennis legend Roger Federer.

Right behind him, also in this case, Lionel Messi, capable of putting together something like $ 104 million.

The sample of Setubal has made its fortune thanks to the diversification of sources of income, excelling, for example, on Instagram, where his publication sponsored has an average value close to a million dollars, by virtue of a number of members of his page, which has exceeded 222 million.

Another 20 million are then guaranteed by the contract ‘to life’ signed by Ronaldo with the Nike, the sponsorship for Herbalife, Abbot and Clear, bringing to the Portuguese the other 45 million each year.

Finally, last but not least, his personal brand CR7, which is only about 25% of its turnover.

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