“Cristiano Ronaldo is a superstar”

Dstatements by Jaroslav Silhavy, Czech Republic coach, after the defeat against Portugal (2-0), in a game of the League of Nations.

Match: We had the opportunity to get to know the quality of Portugal on our own skin. This environment also heightens this perception. Cristiano Ronaldo is a superstar. We made two tactical mistakes, which cost us two goals. On the other hand, in the second half, our game improved and we had opportunities to make the game more interesting, but the opponent has excellent players.

Analysis of Portuguese players: They are different from the Spaniards. The Swiss also have great quality, but Spain and Portugal have excellent and fast players. The Spaniards always want to have the ball and they don’t let us breathe. The Portuguese let us breathe, but we couldn’t make the most of it, we played backwards instead of looking for opportunities to go forward.

Bet on goalkeeper Jindrich Stanek: I haven’t had a chance to see it yet. [o primeiro golo], it was very fast. Perhaps the goalkeeper coach could assess him better, but I think he worked well, he caught difficult shots. I think his performance was very good.

Classification: Every point is gold. We have four gold points, it’s good for us and I’m glad we have them. I believe we can win a few more in the remaining games.

The most difficult in Alvalade: It was to catch the attacks of the fast players. They managed to get around to our left, where they created space and managed to score two goals. Portugal takes advantage of the small mistakes because the team has a lot of quality. That’s what happened in the first half, where all of a sudden we’re down 2-0.

Rest time: We played Sunday and Thursday, the time was longer by one day. Now, let’s have less time to rest. We are aware that it is difficult, let’s see it from a health point of view and, then, maybe make more changes than until now.

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