Cristiano Ronaldo is in the news in Spain for putting botox on his penis

Çristiano Ronaldo is back in the news in Spain for a reason, to say the least, ridiculous. The daily La Razón published an article last Sunday in which it claims that the Portuguese player is a fan of botox.

“Cristiano is a fan of botox, even more than his partner, Georgina”, they guarantee.

However, the novelty is not in the fact that CR7 applies the toxin, since it was already speculated that he would do it on the face, but “in the place where it is placed: the penis“.

La Razón says that the aesthetic procedure applied in intimate areas can be done for different reasons, going on to explain the alleged reasons that lead CR7 to do it. “[…] in his case [Ronaldo], from what we found, is a matter of size. If botulinum toxin is a great ally of facial rejuvenation on the face, in this area it is to increase the size”, writes the journalist.

Apparently, the application of botox in the genital area is fashionable among pornographic actors. The procedure reportedly allows for an increase of between 1 and 2.5 cm in circumference and has effects that last between 18 and 24 months.

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