Cristiano Ronaldo is linked to the Juventus scandal. The prosecutor wants to question him

In recent days, on the Apennine Peninsula, there has been a lot of noise about the illegal activities of several Italian clubs. They were accused of creative accounting and breaking Financial Fair Play, among others Juventus or Napoli by Piotr Zieliński. The most serious accusations concern the Turin club.

La Gazzetta dello Sport revealed on Tuesday that the investigation had gone so far that the prosecution wanted to question Cristiano Ronaldo himself. The Portuguese, who played for Juventus last season, was said to have made a suspicious verbal agreement with the authorities of the Turin club.

The prosecution knows about the contract concluded by CR7 thanks to mysterious wiretaps. The Italian media speculates that the deal may have concerned suspended salaries at the club during the COVID-19 pandemic and Ronaldo’s severance pay when he left for Manchester United. The media from the Apennine Peninsula, however, do not reveal more details of this case.

They point out, however, that over the last few years, Juventus has received 50 million euros more than it should be. Investigators investigate as many as 42 suspicious transactions of the Old Lady. The club from Turin may even face relegation to a lower league.

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