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This year, Cristiano Ronaldo hit the mark of 400 million followers on Instagram, becoming the second most followed person on the social network (the only profile in front of him is Instagram itself). An analysis by Sambafoot Brasil indicates that, currently, his followers already total 474 million, more than 100 million more than the third place, Kylie Jenner (365 million).

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Messi is not far behind, appearing in fourth place with 356 million followers on the social network. The third most followed footballer on Instagram is Neymar, but the player is further away from the first places, occupying the 21st place in the ranking. After the Brazilian, the most followed footballers are David Beckham and Mbappé (46th and 49th in the total ranking, respectively).

Check out the five players with the most followers on Instagram below:

1st – Cristiano Ronaldo: 474 million

2nd – Messi: 356 million

3rd – Neymar: 177 million

4th – David Beckham: 74.9 million

5th – Mbappe: 72.7 million

Players with the most shirts sold

However, if Cristiano Ronaldo is at the top of Instagram, it is Messi who has the highest volume of shirt sales last season, adding 1.2 million over the 12 months – CR7 is in second place, with 1.05 million sales.

The player’s sales success is a reflection of his great performance on the pitch – the striker recently surpassed Pele’s record for goals in finals (last year, Messi had already surpassed the King of Football as the South American player with the most goals. in history).

Also present in this ranking are names such as Lewandowski, Mbappé and Neymar. Benzema, who had an excellent last season, and Haaland, one of the top transfers this window, are also on the list.

Check out which players sold the most shirts in the 2021/2022 season:

1st – Messi: 1.2 million

2nd – Cristiano Ronaldo: 1.05 million

3rd – Lewandowski: 970 thousand

4th – Salah: 816 thousand

5th – Mbappe: 799 thousand

6th – Haaland: 767 thousand

7th – Benzema: 699 thousand

8th – Kanté: 655 thousand

9th – De Bruyne: 622 thousand

10th – Neymar: 547 thousand

20 clubs that sold the most shirts

Evaluating European and American teams, it’s no surprise that giants Bayern Munich took first place, with over 3.2 million player jerseys sold in the last year.

In Brazil, the biggest seller was Corinthians, with almost 2 million shirts sold, ahead of clubs like Barcelona, ​​PSG and Flamengo.

Check out the 20 clubs that sold the most shirts in 2021 below:

1st – Bayern (Germany): 3,250,000

2nd – Real Madrid (Spain): 3,050,000

3rd – Liverpool (England): 2,450,000

4th – Boca Juniors (Argentina): 2,433,000

5th – Guadalajara (Mexico): 2,145,000

6th – Corinthians (Brazil): 1,988,789

7th – Man United (England): 1,950,000

8th – River Plate (Argentina): 1,734,000

9th – Flamengo (Brazil): 1,637,122

10th – Juventus (Italy): 1,420,000

11th – America (Mexico): 1,368,908

12th – Barcelona (Spain): 1,340,000

13th – Chelsea (England): 1,310,000

14th – Atlético Nacional (Colombia): 1,276,098

15th – Borussia Dortmund (Germany): 1,222,000

16th – Monterrey (Mexico): 1,222,000

17th – LA Galaxy (United States): 1,180,090

18th – PSG (France): 1,180,000

19th – Man City (England): 1,087,000

20th – São Paulo (Brazil): 998,000


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