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Accounting tricks, to get out of a disastrous financial situation. According to the pool of magistrates of Turin, lat Juve he would have rigged the 2018, 2019 and 2020 budgets with 115 million artificial capital gains, per to hide the “erosion of share capital” and “unduly continue trading” of the stock on the stock exchange. According to what theHandle a consultant for the magistrates calculated the impact that the alleged accounting expedients would have had on Juventus’ coffers. In the approved financial statements relating to the years between 2018 and 2020, operating losses lower than the real ones would have been indicated: for the 2018 financial year, a positive net equity of 31 million instead of negative for 13 million was shown; positive for 2019 for 239 million instead of 47 million; for 2020 positive for 28 million instead of negative for 175 million. According to the defense lawyers Maurizio Bellacosa and Davide Sangiorgio, these are figures “exceeded and absorbed” by the two massive capital increases “implemented by the company in full transparency and in full compliance with the rules” and which “confirmed the solidity of Juventus in the panorama of Italian football”. RONALDO CARD – According to what they write Gazzetta dello Sport And Corriere della Sera under the lens of the Prosecutor’s Office there would be in particular the second salary maneuver (200-21), which provided for individual agreements with the players to deal with the economic damage related to Covid. Juve would have deposited conditional agreements in the League (salaries paid only in case of permanence in the club) while other unconditional ones not registered in the budget would have been found by the notaries. Cristiano Ronaldo’s famous card falls into this series (“that must not be found”, as emerged from an interception): a private writing found among the papers according to which Juve should have paid the Portuguese 19.9 million euros even in the event of farewell. A figure that according to the prosecution would not have been duly accounted for in the balance sheet. In addition to Agnelli, precautionary measures were requested, rejected by the investigating judge, also for the lawyer Gabasio and the former manager of the Paratici sports area.

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