Cristiano Ronaldo’s flight causes riot at Spanish airport

Cristiano Ronaldo continues to see his name linked to controversy. Days after an alleged treatment to increase his penis was revealed, the Portuguese ace ended up being indirectly responsible for an airport riot on the island of Menorca, in Spain. The player spent his vacation in that region. But he wasn’t to blame. And yes, one of his security guards.

CR7 plane delayed operations in Mallorca –  Photo: Youtube reproductionCR7 plane delayed operations in Mallorca – Photo: Reproduction Youtube

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One of Cristiano Ronaldo’s security guards, according to the newspaper “Diário de Menorca”, was involved in a confusion that delayed some flights at Mallorca airport. All because he didn’t want to follow the security protocol determined by the local authorities.

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The confusion reportedly led to police intervention and a half-hour delay for the player’s £20m private jet to take off. It was enough to generate more intense movement in the place, more because people became aware of the presence of the ace than because of the confusion.

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The Menorcan daily newspaper reported that the Manchester United striker’s assistant was annoyed at being asked to wait after being searched at the airport. His name was not released, but he was in the VIP passenger check-in area.

According to the newspaper, the bodyguard “raised his voice and gesticulated violently” before crossing the airport’s security arch without being searched. This despite warnings from the security guards, who called the police.

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As quoted in the airport report, “the bodyguard got excited and said it had been a police officer in Portugal and they could call whoever they wanted. The police managed to pacify the situation and the plane left at least half an hour late.”

Although the bodyguard was not identified, the local press described him. Everything indicates that he would be one of the two identical twins that Cristiano Ronaldo employs to take care of his security.

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