Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend caused a sensation with her bold and glamorous style

Georgina Rodriguez is paying attention to the tsunami of criticism she received for her Venice red carpet look

For many years, Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife has faced criticism for her life of ostentatious luxury. Georgina Rodríguez is one of the most influential women in the fashion world. E

She became known after forming a couple with the famous footballer, which gave her two daughters, Alana Martina and Bella Esmeralda.

The latest criticism the model got on social media from users was for her playful look to attend the Venice Film Festival.

The model and businesswoman attends the prestigious event which brings together major celebrities and celebrities every year. On this occasion, she wore a red dress to pay tribute to actress Julia Roberts.

For many Internet users, Georgina Rodríguez scandalized the press by appearing in a very low-cut red dress. However, she proudly displayed it on social networks, since it is not the first time that she has chosen this type of creation.

“A beautiful but terrible wardrobe choice”, “Elegance can be bought with money”, “half naked in Venice”, these are some of the comments received by Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife.

But while there were several negative comments, people came to defend the famous model. Fans of Georgina Rodriguez assured that the comments were out of envy. They are the same ones who ensured that the businesswoman was one of the best dressed at the Venice gala.

The publication made by Georgina Rodriguez almost reached 3 million likes. The model also showed off her ombre red dress, it wasn’t as exposed as the one she chose to walk the red carpet.

Likewise, it also received feedback. Users claim that they have very “extreme” looks and show off many parts of their body.

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