Cristina Geithner Lowers Her Robe and Shows Everything in a Strappy Dress

Without a hint of shame, the beautiful Colombian actress unleashed the low passions of thousands of users by showing more with a flirty pose while wearing a daring thong swimsuit

The beautiful Colombian actress, Aura Cristina Geithner unleashed the low passions of thousands of users on digital platforms, after posting a couple of snapshots that showed her most sensual side, with which she dazzled everyone by showing flirtatious poses while wearing a daring suit of thread bath.

For a couple of months, the famous model embarked on a new adventure that has captured the interest of many Internet users after launching her new exclusive content project on OnlyFans, where she is dedicated to uploading slightly more uploaded material from the tone and attractive compared to your other social networks.

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However, this has not stopped the singer from continuing to upload publications on her other digital platforms, since despite that she has remained quite active in all of them since almost every day she tries to publish one or another video or photograph on their main networks like Instagram and Tik Tok.

Although in recent times, Cristina Geithner began to show interest in Twitter, where lately she has posted revealing images that have left more than one with their mouths open, like the one we will show you below.

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As can be seen in the postcards, the interpreter of “Decepciones” appears modeling a strappy beach outfit, which consisted of a beach gown that she wore at the middle of the back and a daring olive green swimsuit that revealed her dreamy body.

Likewise, the beautiful actress from Colombia also shared some photographs of that same photo session through her personal account on the camera’s social network, where she was encouraged to expose her most seductive part with a couple of poses that they left nothing to the imagination.

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