Cristina Geithner Sets Fire to Show Off Her Body in a Tight Jumper

The successful Colombian actress again caused a stir by showing off her spectacular figure with a tight short jumper that exposed her shapely legs

Aura Cristina Geithner, the famous Colombian actress, once again captured the eyes of thousands of netizens in the internet world after posting a short clip, in which she was encouraged to proudly show off her stunning curves with a small and tight outfit that they framed his attributes perfectly.

In recent months, the singer has also been quite active on her social networks, as she has posted all kinds of content on her profile, from funny videos to attractive images with which she usually monopolizes the hearts of thousands of Internet users around the world thanks to the Dreamy body and Latin beauty that Cristina has.

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It should be noted that the popularity of the beautiful model has grown dramatically since she announced her arrival on the OnlyFans pay platform, in which she has done very well, according to some statements she gave in an interview since this offers sensual content a little more risque without falling into the vulgar.

But this time, the beautiful interpreter of “La negra celina” shared an attractive video through her personal account on the camera’s social network, with which she entertained her more than 952 thousand followers with a little ‘humor to the Mexicana ‘by acting a small fragment of a show by the comedian Franco Escamilla.

“It is a magical dress that makes you waist, highlights your curves. What do you see with a mother! You arrive at the wedding and they all turn to see you (…) You see me with mothers, I know it and they know it, and from here you look better fucking envious ”, the comedian is heard commenting in the background.

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With these images, Geithner provoked intense reactions in hundreds of thousands of users due to the tight outfit she modeled, which consisted of a striking short jumper with bare shoulders, in black and highlights, which dramatically highlighted each of her curves.

“And you feel like Cinderella… even for a moment! I loved this Mexican audio! A little humor this wonderful morning! Blessings for all ”, was the message that the Colombian model wrote in the description of her publication.

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