Critical Drugs Alliance is open for you to participate

Bureau of Health Emergency Preparedness and Response (Hera) of European Commission Open call for those interested in joining this Tuesday Critical Drugs Alliance. “The establishment of the Alliance is one of the key actions announced by the Commission in October 2023 to prevent and address shortages of essential medicines,” the European agency said.

As detailed by the European Commission, the alliance will bring together all relevant stakeholders and work to strengthen cooperation between European Commission, national governments, industry and civil society. It will identify challenges, priorities for action and possible political solutions to the problem of shortages of essential medicines in the EU.This is a negotiation mechanism that will also act as a peer-to-peer networkSpeed ​​up the execution of actions The EU’s position in this area.

New industrial dimensions for the European Health Alliance

The Key Drug Alliance will become the “industrial arm” of the pharmaceutical industry european health union “Strong”. To this end, it will develop recommendations and provide advice to the European Commission, Member States and other EU policymakers on how to address shortages of long-acting medicines. According to the essential medicines list published by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) In December 2023, the following drugs will be focused on: The greatest risk of shortages and the greatest impact In healthcare systems and patients.

According to the organization, the alliance will work to unlock manufacturing, contracting or financing solutions that enable Greater strategic autonomy for essential medicines, for the benefit of European citizens. It will draw on the experience of other EU alliances addressing major industrial challenges (such as the Batteries and Critical Raw Materials Alliance) and is likely to be based on a diverse set of policy measures such as:

  • Discover how to diversify global supply chains through strategic international partnerships.
  • Improving European production and innovation capabilities for essential medicines and their ingredients in a coordinated manner;
  • Develop a common strategic approach to EU medicines storage;
  • Help increase and coordinate national and EU funding to implement solutions to medicines shortages.

The Critical Medicines Alliance expresses its sincere wishes to all companies and organizations, Member States, local and regional authorities and their institutions, social partners, civil society, health professionals, patients, consumers and other stakeholder groups, stakeholders, EU agencies and institutions open.Those interested in participating must Fill out the interest form This can be found on the Alliance website.

there will be a The duration is five years. Work is expected to start this spring and the first recommendations on measures to improve the supply of essential medicines be published by this autumn.

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