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from Maria Teresa Meli

The leader of Italia Viva opens the government on presidentialism. And he attacks the Democratic Party head-on: “If we present our candidates on Rai and Copasir, we’ll see what happens”

Dark suit, white shirt, red tie, Matteo Renzi enters the classroom to listen to Giorgia Meloni.

He had come out blatantly before, as soon as the former prosecutor started talking Roberto Scarpinato now senator of the M5S. When it’s his turn, the leader of Italia viva immediately states that the Third pole
will not vote trust. But he does not drop the signals launched by the premier the day before: «You made an opening on institutional reforms. If the majority really wants to challenge us, for example on the direct election of the Prime Minister, we will be there. A no regardless is wrong ».

A position, this, very different not only from that of With you but also of Readwhich the day before yesterday closed on presidentialism.

Yes, because, as Renzi reiterates in his speech, “there are two oppositions and this is a problem”. A problem that was highlighted yesterday during Dec.clearing of vote by the leader of Italia viva. That after having promised Meloni “open opposition” si is hurled against the dem: «I tell the friends of the Democratic Party. Do we want to attack the premier on women’s representation? This is not ridiculous, it is masochism ». Then, turning to Meloni: “Tell the truth, did you agree with them?”. And again: «How do you attack the government because it has inserted the word” merit “in the Ministry of Education? I tell it to Simona Malpezziwho when he collaborated with me was the first pasdaran of the fact that merit had to be included in the “good school” ».

Renzi he still has another dig in store for his former party comrades: “How do you attack food sovereignty?” Slow Food invented it, do we also want to give Carlin Petrini to the right as a gift? ».

A dem senator gets nervous and yells at him, but the leader of IV also has it for him: «Understand education, I don’t mean politics. I see you reacting only to me and not to her, as in the election campaign, and congratulations for the results ».

In short, with the dem is open war. And the first signs had occurred in the afternoon, when the former premier had announced: “If an agreement is not found with the Democratic Party we could present two of our candidates for Copasir and Rai Vigilanza and then let’s see what happens …“.

But Renzi in his speech also has a jab for the premier, who follows his speech smiling, while someone from the center-right desks applauds him: “Meloni who says he draws energy from gas is the same Meloni who when he was in opposition attacked me for the gas lobby? ‘

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