Cronenberg talks about the scenes shot with the mobile phone

We have already talked about the body-horror Crimes of The Future, which ousted Tom Cruise from the Italian box-office, but it was Cronenberg himself who recently revealed a little hidden detail.

8 years divide Maps to The Stars from Crimes of The FutureCronenberg’s last effort that around the phrase “lto surgery is the new sex“gave shape to narration where pain and pleasure travel on a very thin invisible line. Shooting for the film began in August 2021 and featured a rather unusual detail: an IPhone used to shoot some scenes.

The Canadian director himself revealed, in a recent interview, that he used a cell phone for some particular shots of the film. Without discarding the new technology a priori, alongside more canonical and usual instruments for a movie set, he then used a simple telephone: “The last few shorts I’ve made have been shot with consumer cameras and even phones. And, indeed, there are some moments in Crimes of The Future that were shot with an iPhone “, he said. “I won’t tell you which ones, but you will probably be able to figure it out“.

He then continued the interview with praise Kristen Stewart (Timlin, official for the National Organ Registry) and his commendable work: “I was particularly impressed with Kristen as I had never seen her do the kind of things that needed to be done in the movie.“, he has declared. “And she was very enthusiastic and professional. She was absolutely adorable“.

With a look to the future, Cronenberg then revealed that he was already working on a new project: The Shrouds. The shooting of the film, more autobiographical than the previous one and with Vincent Cassel And Lea Seydoux protagonists, they should start no earlier than March 2023.

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