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The issuer of Chinese stateCCTV“reported sending” hundreds “of fighter planes, bombers and other warplanes to conduct joint operations in the skies of Taiwan, and more than 10 warships that have held positions in the waters around the island to “joint containment operations” in what Beijing authorities call an “unprecedented practical training exercise.” The most worrying development, however, is the launch of ballistic missiles into the waters around the island, which began in the morning of yesterday. Dongfeng missiles landed off Taiwan’s northeastern and southwestern coasts starting at 1:56 pm local time, 7:56 am in Italy. Tokyo Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi later said that some of the bullets (five out of nine) actually landed within the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Japan. Other missiles ended up near the Matsu Islands, also located a short distance away from the Chinese coast, but according to local media the bullets were actually directed towards the waters off the northeastern coast of Taiwan. China has responded since yesterday, August 4, to the visit to Taiwan of the President of the United States House of Representatives,

Nancy Pelosi. Beginning in the early hours of dawn, Chinese forces conducted intense military exercises in six different maritime zones around the island, which grew to seven later in the day. The maneuvers are also carried out in sections of Taiwanese territorial waters and will continue until August 7, 8 in the case of the exercise area announced yesterday. Not only that: the Chinese naval forces have crossed the midline of the Strait on several occasions, almost coming to direct confrontation with the Taiwanese ones, and in the night two drones in formation flew over the area of ​​Kinmen, a small archipelago heavily fortified and controlled by Taipei off the Chinese city of Xiamen.

In short, the tension in the region is now skyrocketing. And meanwhile in the corridors of the Chinese Ministry of Defense, as reported by the Corriere, we are preparing to implement the elite forces for a surprise landing. Alemno 35,000 men have been trained to surprise Taiwan with techniques often used by US marines. The watchword in Taipei is only one: resist. In the event of a surprise landing, Taiwan will adopt the hedgehog technique while waiting for help. A nightmare scenario that leaves the world with bated breath.

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